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Retail FAQs and Policies

Retail Customers, Review the following Policies and FAQs

Refunds/Replacements - We pride ourselves on the decades of experience that allows us to offer you the healthiest highest quality plants. We are not able to guarantee our plants as we are not able to ensure proper care and planting once they leave our nursery. If you have an issue with a plant purchased from us, give us a call! We may be able to help you get the plant back on track before its too late.

Delivery - Delivery from Water Crest Farms includes Water Crest Farms staff driving to an agreed location and unloading plants off of the back of our truck. Deliveries are limited to plants that weigh 150lbs or less. We will not drive on areas that are not designated roadways. If plant material is too heavy to be unloaded by hand, the homeowner is responsible for securing machinery needed to unload plants whether that be hiring a landscape contractor or renting a bobcat etc. Delivery is priced based off of distance from Water Crest Farms starting at $100.

Installation -Ask us about our preferred trade partners who offer install services!

Pickup On Site - For liability reasons, larger plant material with a root ball wrapped in burlap (not in a pot) will not be loaded into any closed vehicles, these items will only be loaded into open bed trucks or trailers.  We are happy to load smaller material in pots into your vehicle by hand.  If you would like items to be ready to go when you arrive, you can call in an order and make payment beforehand.

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